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AUGUST 1: I’m back from a 2-week, technology-free vacation. Sadly, a third chicken drowned in the coop run duck pond while we were away. Our long-suffering critter sitter fished the poor brown leghorn out. We’re making quick plans to fence and cover the duck pond. We suspect our Khaki Campbell duck Nibbles is a drake. He lacks the curly drake feather, but his coloration gives him away. He’s a randy little fellow too. He’s been bullying the chickens and spooking them into the pond we suspect. Clearly he needs a larger harem of hens so we’re looking to trade chickens for ducks to increase our duck hens from two to five girls and thin our chicken flock.

JULY 16: Travel trailer renovation for “glamping” at our favorite country music festival is consuming all our time. I’m signing off for a few weeks to focus on trailer prep and a technology-free vacation. I’ll chat with you next month.

JULY 15: Our flock gave us seven eggs this morning, including a massive duck egg. The egg basket, a gift from Trevor, is a necessity for collecting so many eggs now. We’re not sure whodunit among the three quackers, but this is the fourth day in a row that we’ve collected an oversized duck egg.

JULY 14: I haven’t been cranking out blogs because my bestie is visiting from the Seattle area. This update wanders a bit from farm table subject matter, but we got matching tattoos today. I’ve had birds for as long as I can remember, so it made sense to get feathers on our arms.

Feather tattoo
Que Sera Sera

JULY 12: Don’t miss my whistleblower blog today! My curiosity about why fresh eggs don’t need refrigeration took me down a revealing rabbit trail where I learned that refrigerated eggs, animal cruelty and salmonella are in bed together. This is a must-read if you by grocery store eggs or you think eggs marketed as “cage-free” are a responsible choice. To find out why, click here.

JULY 10: Today we got 6 eggs! That’ll feed our non-kibble eating dogs…for breakfast. But not yet! The dogs get store-bought eggs until all of their people have had their fill of over-easy yolks on English muffins for Sunday breakfast.

JULY 9: Trevor and I hunted all over town today for feeder fish. Trevor got the idea to add them to the ducks’ kiddie pool for a treat. The ducks paid them no mind so Brady caught all the fish with a colander from the kitchen (I know…GROSS!) and fed them to the very appreciative chickens instead. I blogged about my favorite zucchini squash recipe today. Click here to check it out!




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