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JULY 15: I’m finally using my egg basket out of necessity. It was a gift from Trevor. My birds gave us seven eggs this morning, including a massive duck egg. We’re not sure whodunit among the three quackers yet but this is the fourth day in a row that we’ve collected a duck egg.

JULY 14: I haven’t been cranking out blogs because my beastie is visiting from the Seattle area. This update wanders a bit from farm table subject matter, but we got matching tattoos today. I’ve had birds for as long as I can remember, so it made sense to get feathers on our arms.

Feather tattoo
Que Sera Sera

JULY 12: Don’t miss my whistleblower blog today! My curiosity about why fresh eggs don’t need refrigeration took me down a revealing rabbit trail where I learned that refrigerated eggs, animal cruelty and salmonella are in bed together. This is a must-read if you by grocery store eggs or you think eggs marketed as “cage-free” are a responsible choice. To find out why, click here.

JULY 10: Today we got 6 eggs! That’ll feed our non-kibble eating dogs…for breakfast. But not yet! The dogs get store-bought eggs until all of their people have had their fill of over-easy yolks on English muffins for Sunday breakfast.

JULY 9: Trevor and I hunted all over town today for feeder fish. Trevor got the idea to add them to the ducks’ kiddie pool for a treat. The ducks couldn’t have cared less. Brady caught all the fish and fed them to the very appreciative chickens instead. I blogged about my favorite zucchini squash recipe today. Click here to check it out!

JULY 8: Our chickens gave us 4 eggs today…both white and brown! Three were in a coop nest right inside the coop door. They are laying everywhere… the nesting box, the coop floor, the run and even in the yard. We suspect that our Swedish Blue duck Flash is laying in the yard. We decided to put one partition in the nesting box.

JULY 6: The chickens and ducks were cacophonous today but they gave me two white eggs and a brown egg. Mmmm! I could live on English muffins topped with over easy eggs.



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