Our Family



I am a domestic project manager (AKA stay-at-home-mom). There’s no place I’d rather be! I’m a former freelance newspaper reporter and magazine writer and I have several children’s books in the works. A frequenter of the local library, I always check out more books than I can possibly read. I’ve been known to rack up astronomical late fees. In my early 20’s, I figured any gal worth her salt should know how to cook, so I read Joy of Cooking from cover to cover. It got me started with foundational recipes for things like homemade broth and mother sauces. I’ve never lost my passion for from-scratch cooking. But I have terrible recipe recall so I’d make a lousy chef. I’m a runner so that I can continue to consume real butter and I’m seriously addicted to runner’s high. Our Redbone Coonhound Cliff is my eager and tireless running partner. I have always loved to tent camp, but Trevor and I are renovating a travel trailer because “glamping” is the only way to enjoy the great outdoors after 40.





I met Trevor in 6th grade at a small, private Lutheran school. It was the late ’80s and he was rocking a blonde mullet worthy of his California roots. After middle school, we lost touch. A Facebook birthday wish started our romance nearly 30 years later. Trevor works for a tire company, maintaining, repairing and changing massive tires on commercial vehicles. His easy-going nature grounds our family when so many commitments and projects fill weekends with frenetic activity. He’s a live music fanatic with a very respectable T-shirt and snapback collection from every country artist he’s ever seen in concert. When summer heats up the pavement, Trevor fires up his Harley Davidson for the commute to work and fires up my heart with a black leather vest. He likes civil war books and films. He can build or fix anything or he “knows a guy” who can. Trevor expresses his love through gifts. A steady stream of packages show up on our doorstep. I might offhandedly say a tortilla press would be helpful and a few days later Trevor texts me midday to say a package was just left on our front porch. It’s for me! It’s a tortilla press!





Zoe is a sophomore in high school. She wants to study teaching or counseling at Eastern Washington University but creative writing is her real passion. She favors fantasy novels and is rarely without a book. Cross country is her sport of choice and she never gets pre-race jitters. She has a tender heart for all critters except spiders and bees. They are exterminated in short order with the nearest shoe. We call her the chicken whisperer and rely on her to herd our chickens and ducks back into the coop after they free-range in our backyard. Zoe is launching a dog-walking service this summer. She’s a beautiful tomboy in gym shorts and a backwards baseball cap. She loves the company of Trevor’s two sons and the neighborhood boys who are hopelessly crushing on her.





Olivia is a freshman in high school. She’s excels in academics and wants to study law at Gonzaga University. She’s an excellent artist like her grandmother and aunt. Crafty thinks appeal to her inner artist. You probably won’t find her digging in the dirt, but she’s always willing to help pull a meal together in the kitchen. Olivia is a fashionista and effortlessly beautiful. She puts her hair up in elaborate braids or coaxes perfect spirals from a curling wand. She adores snarky comedy and wit and thinks boyfriends are a waste of time. She’s always testing Pinterest recipes like unicorn bars or knock-off Frappuccinos. Our self-taught pianist, she labels every key of our upright piano with sticky notes and then learns to plunk out pop and country tunes from YouTube.





Evan is a 6th grader and a charming gentleman with perfect manners. He’s a wickedly effective premier soccer player on a select team of boys who are older and bigger than him. His left brain earned him a spot on his elementary school’s team of mathletes. His quick wit is never sharp. His jokes, playful jabs and husky laugh spread humor at dinnertime faster than we can pass the brownies. A pack of neighborhood girls swoon over him. And why shouldn’t they? His hair is always perfectly spiked with a slick of gel and his soccer socks coordinate with his t-shirts. He gives the best hugs and always asks if he can help with a chore. Evan is an old soul!





Brady is a 3rd grader and a budding chef. He remembers techniques in the kitchen like how to knead bread and always reminds us to “add the wet to the dry ingredients” when we make weekend pancakes. He also plays youth soccer and relieves his dad of pocket change by regularly scoring goals or blocking a rocketing ball headed straight for the net. Money burns a hole in Brady’s pocket. He buys candy, gum and RC cars to torment our hound dogs. He’s the first one to fall asleep at night and the first one up on a rare, lazy Sunday. We joke that staying up past midnight is on Brady’s bucket list.