My Clips



I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and government and I studied urban planning in grad school.




When my teenage daughter was a toddler, I was a regular freelance reporter for the Kitsap Sun in Bremerton, Wash., and I took assignments from the news and features desks.

I’ve included links to a broad sample of my clips below:

BREMERTON: $29 million for construction

Connecting with kids

Crêpes galore, ice cream and more

Dentists take a bite out of hunger

Get Cozy in Silverdale’s new wine bar and cafe 

Getting all jazzed up

Graduates of ’34 proud to call themselves survivors

He’s really getting around this year … ‘The Nutcracker’

International sculptor expects much from OC students

Kids learn to play–& build–music from the heart

Lending a yelping hand

Manette Music Mayhem

Mon Elisa’s puts a delicious twist on pasta

Music instructor teaches passion, expression

Reaching kids on their level

Sharing Light Original designs make Port Orchard man’s home a must-see display

Sherlyn food drive is neighborhood tradition

Thai food with a home-cooked flair

The rhythm of learning