Our Critters

Our Hens


I’ve been slinking around bushes and behind sheds with handfuls of cracked corn and my iPhone ready to photograph my 11 chickens and three ducks.

My White Leghorn and Buff Orpington hens strut around me like they’re on the red carpet before the Oscars as if Chicken Run has been nominated for best picture. But my three Brown Leghorns dodge the camera like Taylor Swift after a bad breakup. The ducks are too busy creating a kiddie pool vortex to pop up for a portrait.

I’m the fowlest of paparazzi. I will persist. Stay tuned…


The Hounds


We are hound people! We can’t resist their ears, their jowls, their droopy eyes, their songs. Besides, any respectable farm should have a dog or two.

Juno and Cliff
Juno and Clifford




Juno is our Bloodhound-Rottweiler mix. I adopted her in the summer of 2014 when she was just a pup. I carried her everywhere. She now weighs 103 pounds. She is a fierce defender of our home and yard but she’s willing to make nice at the dog park. Juno is passionate about napping, couch surfing, throw pillows and swimming. She tolerates Clifford like an annoying little brother but bays at the mail man, the Fed-Ex guy and the UPS driver with deadly intent.




Clifford, or “Cliffy,” is our Redbone Coonhound. We adopted him in January of 2017. He has no sense of personal space and loves everyone. He’s very sassy if he doesn’t get his way and his shrill Coonhound bark is unmistakable. He also yodels like a Swiss maiden. No joke! I read somewhere that Cliff is a “difficult breed.” I just find him difficult to resist. We’ve yet to master Cliff-proofing the house when we leave him alone at home. He is passionate about distance running and food. He once ate a 5 lb. chub of ground turkey and a loaf of banana walnut bread in the time it took me to duck out of the kitchen to brush my teeth.

We also have a lavender parakeet named Juliet a Beta named Hurricane.