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Pipe and trough duck feeder
Trevor’s pipe and trough feeder for our 3 ducks. The chickens love it too!

JULY 8: Our chickens gave us 4 eggs today…both white and brown! Three were in a coop nest right inside the coop door. They are laying everywhere…the nesting box, the coop floor, the run and even in the yard. We suspect that our Swedish Blue duck Flash is laying in the yard. We decided to put one partition in the nesting box.

JULY 6: The chickens and ducks were cacophonous today but they gave me two white eggs and a brown egg. Mmmm! I could live on English muffins topped with over easy-eggs.

JULY 5: The ducks and chickens are quickly emptying the pipe and trough duck feeder Trevor built last night. Duck bills were just too big for our hanging chicken feeder. I love Trevor’s solution! The chickens love it too and we keep a galvanized bucket of fresh water next to the feeder so that our ducks can swish their feed in water as they eat it.

JULY 4: The 4th of July usually signals the beginning of sultry weather here in Spokane. To help our flock stay cool, we built the Snack and Quack Splash Pad today. Simply center a sprinkler on a tarp and sprinkle with cracked corn or other treats. The chickens are wading in the little rivers of water that run off the tarp and the ducks love a sprinkler shower. Check out the video in the right margin of my homepage for a quick flick of ducky Nirvana! In other news, we suspect our Swedish Blue duck Flash laid a white egg in the chicken yard just outside the coop and we found another white egg in the nesting box. Now that our hens are beginning to lay, it’s like Christmas every day!

JULY 3: We found our first brown egg in the coop run today. We have four suspect layers…our two Buff Orpingtons or our two Australorps. We’re wondering if they don’t care for the community nesting box in the coop, so we’re going to partition it to encourage them to lay in a safer place.

JULY 2: We lost our first chicken today. Freckles, Trevor’s favorite Red Star hen, drowned in our coop run duck pond. This is definitely a con for having a mixed flock, and an upcoming blog. Stay tuned! I’ll add a link here when I post about this topic.